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Impeccable Stump Service in Ypsilanti, MI!

Everything you can find as a service with my company, David's Stump Grinding, focuses on making any yard perfect! If you live in the Ypsilanti, MI area and want professional work, skills, and dedication to clearing your yard of unnecessary components – I’m your quality tech!

Shrub Removal Services
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My Services

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

My stump grinding service will take care of all those stumps that used to be the beginning of trees but are not just sitting there pointlessly on your lawn. If you don't want to keep them as specific decoration - there's a way to save yourself from that. Call me and tell me which ones you want me to grind up. You can use them in their shredded form!
Shrub Removal

Shrub Removal

Shrubs can be quite beautiful if they're the right size and haven't grown to be wild. Many people want to keep them in their yards as additional decoration. However, if you're not keen on looking at scrubs all day and you're tired of them bringing down the appearance - take advantage of my shrub removal services today!
Roots Removal

Roots Removal

You've removed the unnecessary trees in your yard, but have you kept the roots in mind? What's the point of them remaining underground or even exposed? They no longer serve a purpose, so let me remove them. Your soil won't have to suffer because of them, and your lawn will be ready for something new. Call for my tree root removal service!
Hedge Trimming

Hedge Trimming

Have you trimmed your hedges yet and made them beautiful and ready for the season? No? Well, why haven't you called me to set an appointment yet? Let me do all the trimming. You can tell me how you want them to look - perhaps you were inspired by a picture in a magazine or on the Internet. Either way, I have the trimming process down to a tee!
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David's Stump Grinding
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I had David come to my house in Detroit did all 3 of my stumps about $245 great price.No waiting same week he came
Thank u David’s stump grinding wish could do more to let people know

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Keep Your Lawn Clear

To spend enough time clearing your yard perfectly, you must take that time away from something that might be higher on the priority list. If you’re starting a tree stump removal process or getting out the shears you own to trim the hedges and remove the shrubs, you will need more than a minute. That would mean ignoring the rest of your chores and giving your full attention to the task. However, if you’re one of those who feel more important things in your life deserve your time, grab a working phone and dial the number of a professional company in the lawn-clearing industry!

Allow Me the Honors

Allow my skills to help with clearing out the yard of stumps and roots. Let me trim the hedges and remove the shrubs with no business in your yard anymore! Wouldn’t you prefer a clear landscape with beautiful flowers, healthy trees, and the greenest grass? If you have deemed components unnecessary and want them gone – allow me! I know your time is precious, and you have but a thousand things on your mind. However, my mind is occupied only with the beauty of your yard, and I will not waste the time I spend on it – it would be an honor!

More Areas I Service

I feel that my services and skills need to be exposed to as many people as possible, so I have spread out and now cover the areas you see below! I want to make more people’s yards beautiful, and my expertise can go a long way to achieving that goal!

  • Belleville, MI
  • Pittsfield Charter Township, MI
  • Van Buren Charter Township, MI
  • Plymouth Charter Township, MI
  • Saline, MI

Call David's Stump Grinding and rely on my professional stump service for your lawn! You have no idea how many yards I’ve made to look fantastic when I set out to grind and remove all the stumps, eliminate leftover tree roots, and trim hedges left and right. I want to exercise my vision and skills for your yard in the Ypsilanti, MI area! I want you to know you have a professional on your side, and I will do whatever you ask to create a magical yard!