Read More About My Shrub Removal Services!

I may have started my company, David's Stump Grinding, in 2021, but I have more than 15 years of previous experience, which I know my customers enjoy! I am also fully dedicated to offering residential and commercial owners in Ypsilanti, MI the chance to hire a motivated professional ready to provide the perfect stump service and clear away the yard from unnecessary components!

I Will Clear Everything Away

I am offering my shrub removal services and everything else with the knowledge that I can’t do my job with kitchen scissors or a knife. That’s why I have special equipment to handle the jobs I offer to do for you, and once you tell me what you want, I can give you a free estimate. That way, you and I will know what’s ahead.

Stump Service

My Values Are Widely Accepted

I can say, with confidence, that my values are widely accepted. I’ve seen how much people enjoy my dedication to perfection. And I’ve seen how happy people are when they hear that my stump service process and everything I do focuses on getting them the service they paid for!

Call David's Stump Grinding at (734) 406-4083 and ask about my exceptional shrub removal services or any other offers I can provide for the perfect yard in Ypsilanti, MI! I am not a fan of a yard that’s covered with unnecessary components, even if those are: excess shrubs, leftover stumps, or even roots in the grounds left behind from ages ago. I appreciate a clear yard – beautiful and practical!


  • Stump Grinding
  • Shrub Removal
  • Roots Removal
  • Hedge Trimming