Responses to the Questions I Often Receive

David's Stump Grinding can help you take care of your yard trees in Ypsilanti, MI so that they stay healthy all the time. If you have any questions about the easy shrub removal services I offer, please don’t hesitate to call. You can find answers to your questions by looking at the FAQ list below. It’s easy and convenient.

Do you serve business customers?

Yes, I serve both people who live in homes and people who have businesses. I have a company where I take care of trees by myself. I have advanced and modern tools that I use. This helps me finish any landscaping and lawn care job on time, always. No matter how large or tiny the job of removing trees is, you can always trust me to give you safe and effective services.

Can I book the service for Saturdays?

Sure I work from Monday to Saturday. I work from 8 AM to 3 PM every day. You can call me anytime during those hours and days if you need my help. I am available to remove trees for you. You can pick a time that works best for you.

Is it possible to save my tree that is not healthy?

I always try my best to save trees that have been harmed. I will thoroughly examine how bad the damage is and tell you the best solution you can choose. However, if you would rather remove it completely for any reason, that is also acceptable. Don’t worry, we will provide you with a smooth and efficient service.

How often do I need to cut my trees?

For trees that are recently planted, it is important to arrange for a good tree service every three years. However, if the tree is fully grown, you might only have to arrange for a professional to trim the tree every five years.

How do I reserve your services?

Thank you for thinking about my tree removal company in the area. To hire my great tree stump grinder services, just contact me today to schedule the service at a time that works best for you. I am always here to assist you in this field, so you can just give me a call whenever you need my help. You will quickly get three services that are guaranteed to make you satisfied.

What is the cost of your services?

Some of my clients wrongly think that my services are expensive because I have excellent customer service and a perfect reputation. But I can promise that the prices of my stump service are still very competitive. I am still one of the cheapest tree service companies in the area.

Do you have discounts that I can avail of?

Yes, I do I will give you a 10% discount for every person you refer to me.

Do you only work on stump grinding jobs?

No. My local tree removal company is well-known for its efficient stump grinding service in the area. However, I also offer many other services. You can ask for my help if you need hedge-trimming services. If you need help getting rid of shrubs without spending too much money, you can ask me for assistance. To find out more about these services, visit my homepage now.

Have I answered all your root grinding questions? I hope I do but if the question you want to ask is not there, you can simply give David's Stump Grinding a call at (734) 406-4083. You can see me around Ypsilanti, MI if you wish to speak with me.